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Envision Utica 2030

“Envision Utica 2030 is a group of Utica leaders committed to preserving our community values and quality of life while planning for growth”

We have an immense opportunity in Utica in the next 10 years and beyond. We will continue to be diligent and look for opportunities to grow our village and be prepared for the upcoming phase of growth in our village, county and state.

Envision Utica 2030 Subcommittees


New branding for village including logo.

New and improved website.

Lead: Heather Miller, Jordan McLaughlin & Kris Miller

Public Safety

EMS, fire, block watch, homeless, police, etc.

Lead: Chief Cameron, EMS & Fire Department Representative

Zoning, Property & Ordinance

Dealing w/ zoning, property clean up, etc

Lead: Vickie Kunka, Anna Humphries & Glen Richards

Village Development

Building up downtown and supporting current and future merchants.

Business development.

Lead: Abbey Hobbs, Bethany Malcom & Mayor Quinif

Recreation & Education

Kids center or senior center.

Lead: Todd Londot & Mark Smith

Communication & Outreach

Work to keep public informed regaring Envision Utica 2030 progress.

Reach out to other local leaders to build relationships and promote growth.

Lead: Luconda Dager, Scott Hartley, Mayor Quinif



If you would like to get involved with our committee or have questions or ideas please feel free to email us and will get back with you.

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